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Lean Six Sigma Works in Other Places, Why Can't You Apply it to Sales and Marketing?

Being able to apply Lean Six Sigma to sales and marketing would be exciting, don't you think?

It would mean you could

• actually predict what your business results would be
• have evidence and data telling you where your bottlenecks are
• know what conversion bottlenecks are costing you, and how to fix them
• predict returns on investments in marketing campaigns, trade shows, and the like
• have confidence telling your investors what kinds of returns to expect on the business
• have advance evidence of changes in the market, so your corrective actions would have time to make a difference

 No doubt about it, this would be a dramatic improvement in the profitability and survivability of many firms ... in fact, it might even have as big an impact as the quality movement had on the manufacturing side of most businesses.

Of course, you've probably also heard some of the reactions sales and marketing people have to the idea:

• That's nice but what we do is an art, not a science.
• It will never work, because you can't control the customer.
• There is just no way to get salespeople to give you the facts and data you need.
• We tried stuff like that before and it didn't work.


If you are like me, those reactions don't hold a lot of water. Sure some companies have claimed to be successful applying Lean and Six Sigma to their marketing and selling. And, yea, there have been a few conferences on the topic in the last several years.


So, why hasn't this idea caught fire?

I'll tell you why: It has to do with how Lean and Six Sigma is taught and deployed.

With best regards,

Maurits Super, managing partner at Wendrickx & Partners, the sales professionals

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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."
Charles Darwin
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